Tai Shaw

Tai Shaw


Embarking from Vietnam at age 10, Tai Ngo Shaw transformed a journey of adversity into an exemplary narrative of triumph, capturing the essence of the American dream. Overcoming cultural barriers, he molded his path from a young Vietnamese immigrant to an influential figure in the American societal fabric.

Arriving in the US in 1982, Tai found a new home with the Shaw family in Buffalo. His resilient spirit and unwavering determination led him to excel academically, culminating in a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Business from Alfred University.

Tai's entrepreneurial journey spans diverse ventures. From retailing Native American jewelry to managing CNY Uniforms Plus, a thriving business offering uniforms and accessories for medical and culinary professionals, Tai's business acumen is evident. He also owns Green Photo Fun, a company providing green screen photography at events.

Tai's prowess extends to real estate, where he champions the cause of individuals from diverse backgrounds. He invests, renovates, and rents properties in Syracuse, a testament to his versatile business portfolio.

But Tai's story transcends personal accomplishment

his heart beats for community upliftment and service. A torchbearer for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, Tai played a crucial role in consolidating the Vietnamese Community of Syracuse, facilitating significant cultural events, and establishing their headquarters.

In 2023, in recognition of his exceptional leadership and community service, Tai was appointed Superintendent for the Asian Village at the New York State Fair. This role allowed him to create a space celebrating Asian heritage, and was a major milestone in his journey.

Beyond his involvement with the Vietnamese community, Tai serves the wider community through his active participation in the New American Forum and the CNY Blessing Box, feeding numerous households every week. He is also a board member for the United Way of Central New York and the Upstate Minority Economic Alliance (UMEA).

Embodying the mantra, “The difference between success and failure is the six inches between your ears,” Tai Shaw, now in his 50s, continues to serve his community and blaze trails, redefining success for himself and for those around him.

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